Q: Does this product leave a film in my washer? 

 A: No, it is designed to not leave a trace after the cycle. 


Q: Is your washing machine cleaner eco-friendly?

 A: Yes, Eco-Swirlz are Eco-Friendly! The reason they work so well yet preserve the environment is because they are able to deodorize your washing machine while not harming aquatic organisms or even septic tank health later down the line. 


Q: Does your washing machine cleaner leave harsh odors?

 A: No, Eco-Swirlz is a scentless washing machine tablet. We made our product knowing that many people are agitated by harsh chemical smells. You'll know that Eco-Swirlz did their job when you look in your washer and you notice the smell of nothing!


Q: Will Eco Swirlz damage clothing?

 A: No, Eco-Swirlz will not damage clothes. They are slowly dissolved in the washer during the cleaning cycle. Do not use Eco-Swirlz with a load of laundry as this will weaken Eco-Swirlz effects.


Q: Will your washing machine cleaner prolong my washer’s life?

 A: Yes, Washing machine left neglected can build up scum and debris in unseen areas which after a few years will not only cause your washing machine to stink, but lead to drainage and mechanical problems later on! 


Q: What parts of the washer will be cleaned?

 A: Eco-Swirlz are great at reaching the places in your washing machine that you cant. The catch tank (The tub around your washing machine drum) and the various hose connections are the primary focus, although Eco-Swirlz also help to keep the filter clean for a longer period of time. If the washing machine hasn't been cleaned for a long time, it should be cleaned by hand. It should also be routinely checked for small objects that might have been caught in it like coins or rocks. Also it is important to note that the Door gasket (the rubber ring around the door) should be cleaned by hand regularly. 


Q: What is your refund policy?

 A: Our Satisfaction Guaranty means that if you are not satisfied with the product, we'll refund your purchase.


Q: Can this be used with cold water?

A: While hot water is ideal, it can still be used with cold water.


Q: Will this work on both top loading and front loading washers?

 A: It sure will.


Q: Do the tabs come individually wrapped?

A: Each of the 24 tablets is individually wrapped in eco-friendly paper packaging  to ensure freshness and quality.


Q: How often should I use the washing machine cleaner? 

A: Each box is a year's supply. Two tablets should be used once a month.


Q: What if I need to clean a extra capacity washer?

A: Follow the same directions indicated for standard washing machines but increase the amount used to 3 tablets. 


Q: How do I clean a portable washer with Eco-Swirlz?

A: Portable washing machine vary in how they're made. Consult your owners manual to see specific instructions on cleaning and if a cleaner may be used.