How To Use Eco-Swirlz


So it's time to clean your washing machine. You bought a box of Eco-Swirlz and you’re getting ready to use them. What’s next? This article is all about how to use Eco-Swirlz and get the most out of your experience! Below we put together six points to follow when cleaning your machine. With any luck you’ll be washing your clothes in a squeaky clean machine in no time!

1: Why two tablets? 

Eco-Gals Eco-Swirlz Washing Machine Cleaner is an easy, no-mess method to clean your washing machine. Twenty-four individually wrapped tablets come in a box which equals about a year’s supply if you use two at a time. 

We recommend using two at a time because this helps to cover more of the areas of the machine at once. Leading brands typically use only one large tablet which sometimes doesn’t dissolve completely in the cycle. Using two smaller tablets allows you to get the same amount of cleaning, while also distributing the effects throughout the machine more evenly.  

2: Where do you put them? 

Place both tablets unwrapped in the washing machine drum. Do not place them in the dispenser. The reason for this is Eco-Swirlz comes in a hard, tablet form designed to slowly dissolve throughout the wash, but if they’re in the detergent drawer they won't dissolve at the right time or in the right places. 

3: Choosing a cycle

Choosing the cycle that's right for you depends upon what settings your machine has. If your washing machine has a “Clean Cycle” that’s the first option you should pick. If that option isn’t available then a “Sanitize Cycle” or a “Hot Cycle” will work great!

If you have an HE washer, select either the “Maintenance Cycle” or run the machine using a manual setting.

The principle behind these selections is to get the hottest water available to help clean the machine. If you need to select a load size as well, pick whatever option will fill it the fullest.

4: Sit Back and Relax

After throwing in the tablets and selecting the cycle your work is done! The machine will start it’s cycle and Eco-Swirlz goes to work. At the end of the cycle open the machine and let it air out. There shouldn’t be any stink coming from your machine anymore! 

5: Troubleshooting 

Sometimes with machines that are extra stinky or still stink after running a cycle with Eco-Swirlz, you may need to run a few extra cycles to clean it completely. We recommend trying one to two extra cycles to fix the smell. However if that doesn't work, it’s likely that your machine needs extra maintenance because something in there is stinking and isn’t getting clean very easily. Problem spots where stink tends to hold on the tightest are in the sump, the seal on the door, or possibly the filter. These will require more work to clean so hopefully an easy cleaning with Eco-Swirlz is all you need. 

6: Additional Cleaning Tips 

Remember, leaving the door open to the machine and promptly switching the laundry around is critical to keeping a clean machine. Other areas of the washing machine like the seal or the detergent drawer may need to simply be wiped down. 

Thanks for reading this article about how to use Eco-Swirlz to get the most out of them. Every box has a short list of instructions on them if you need for quick reference. Lets get your washing machine clean!

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