How to Fix a Chronically Stinky Washing Machine

This article explains why washing machines stink and way you can prevent odor build up and how to deodorize it once you have it. 


Let's jump in!


I used to work a job that required me to wear a uniform. In that job I was required to both be up front talking to people making connections but also be in the back running around carrying boxes and doing manual labor. Needless to say I was reliant on the fact that my uniform would be clean and fresh every day I worked there. I'd be doing laundry multiple times a week to make sure my uniform was always fresh. 


But I wouldn't be telling you this story unless something went wrong! I forgot I had a load in the washing machine. They were towels. I left them in there overnight and into the next evening. When I pulled them out they were ripe! It's crazy that in less than 24 hours a batch of wet clothes can stink so much. I rewashed them, but I couldn't get the stink out. Thing went from bad to worse when I had to wash my uniforms. I ended up having to buy another one until I could deodorize my washer. Not fun!


You might have had a similar experience as me and I can tell you it's unpleasant, stressful, and can ruin your plans. 


So how do you prevent and fix this common household problem?



First of all, never leave clothes in the washing machine. In my experience anything longer than 3 hours in the washing machine will make the load start to smell. Also when you switch your load from the washer to the dryer, do yourself a favor and leave the washer door open!


When the washing machine door is closed, it traps moisture inside and promotes growth of anaerobic bacteria which doesn't need oxygen to survive. It thrives in damp, dark environments, and it stinks terribly! Leaving your washer door open helps to air out the washer's drum and keep it fresher, longer. 




Prevention goes along way but it's no use talking about it once you have a problem already. Now comes the task of fixing the bad smell. At Eco-Gals, we believe that cleaning should be easy but also eco-friendly and effective. When we saw the solutions people had for cleaning their washing machine we had to try some of them. We tried mostly home-do-it recipes involving common house hold items such as baking soda or vinegar. You can find out more about that here.


What we found was that they worked most of the time but could be inconsistent. We were very happy with the superior eco-friendly nature of both products as compared to something like bleach, but they made a mess when trying to measure and make our own solutions to use and were much harder to implement in our busy schedules.  


When we came out with Eco-Swirlz washing machine cleaner, we were able to make the perfect formula for cleaning the washing machine. That's why we recommend it to anyone having troubles with their washer. It's very easy to use and you can feel safe using it. Eco-Swrilz breaks down odorous build-up inside the washing machine in places you wouldn't be able to see or clean without disassembling your washing machine. Simply use our two-tablet system to re-freshen your washer so that your clothes always come out perfect.


If you want to know more about Eco-Swrilz, please visit our shop.


Hope this article helps and that you have a great day!