6 Places Your Washing Machine Might Stink


When your washing machine starts to stink, it is important to identify what specific area is causing the problem before relying on any cleaner or method to fix the smell. Here is a list of 6 areas that might be the problem. 


Area 1: The Water Intake


Your washing machine needs water. Of Course, right? but if your washing machine is starting to stink as well as faucets and shower-heads, you're likely  getting bad water into your house. In which case, the problem is less with your washing machine than it is with your plumbing. 


Area 2: The Outer Tank


You can't see it, but the outer tank is what sits behind the shiny, hole covered drum you dump your clothes into. But it's usually not as pretty. It takes water a long time to evaporate from back there which leads to odor causing build-up that can be hard to get rid of. Eco-Swirlz are great at fixing this problem because they can reach the unseen areas of your washing machine. 


Area 3:  The Door Gasket 


The door gasket, or the rubber seal around the washer's door is designed to keep the door air-tight when it is closed. That way none of the water will leak onto your nice, dry laundry room floor. The problem is however, that there are so many folds and other areas in the gasket, that water collects there without being able to escape. It would be worth your time to routinely check this area and wipe it clean with a rag or wipe. 


Area 4: Inner Drum


It's the most obvious area of your washing machine. It's where you put your clothes to be washed, but it can get dirty too! The easiest way to clean it is with a dose of Eco-Swirlz.


Area 5: Water Outlet


As we have learned so far, the biggest contributing factor to odor in a washing machine is stagnant water. This area is no exception. All the pipes leading from your washer to the sewer can be great places for odor buildup seeing as the dirt, debris, and germs go though this system while leaving your house. Once in a while it could be a good idea to disconnect the water to your laundry room and take the drainage pipe off your washer and flush it out at a sink. Eco-Swirlz keeps it clean for longer but it's always a good idea to do some physical maintenance once in a while.


6: Water Filter

The filter on the machine is designed to catch any loose material that somehow got flushed away in the wash. These items include coins, gum wrappers, and bobby pins, and such. Over time these will collect and begin to obstruct the water flow as well as snagging stinky passersby's. 


Knowing what area of your washer stinks first before creating a battle plan to fix it is essential to knowing what your next steps are. For example, If you find that the water to your house is the problem, that should be addressed before you invest in a washing machine cleaner just yet. Hopefully, this article has been helpful to you in deciding what to do next. And we wish all the happy cleaning to all of you!